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Onlineaccounting is a basic Accounting software of MIS ERP Solutions that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, Stocks Ledger and General Ledger transactions up trial balance and other MIS.

Purchase Request /Purchase Orders /GRN /Debit Note /Bill /Bill Payments /Sales Order /Quotation /Proforma Invoice /Invoice /SVAT Invoice /Credit Note /Customer Payments /Write Cheque /Petty Cash /Deposits /Fund transfer /Journal /Stock Transfer / Issue Note / Stock Adjustments /VAT, SVAT, NBT Compatible.

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We are ERP Solutions Provider

Are you on the market for cloud-based ERP systems? There are many different systems on the market, but they don’t all offer the same features. Before you choose an ERP system, you need to make sure it has the features that meet your company’s immediate and long-term needs. With this in mind, here are 10 key features you should expect from cloud-based ERP systems.

  • Customer Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lead Management
  • Pricing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Expense Management
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    Onlineaccouts.lk is designed to help make running small business to enterprise level company easy, without you needing any accounting or bookkeeping knowledge. So you’ll be able to pick it up quickly. You can also try Onlineaccouts Free for 30 days, and if you need it, there’s an online help section with video tutorials and more, as well as free email support.

    Work From Anywhere On Multiple Devices

    Access and manage your books from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime you choose. Create access privileges so that your colleague or accountant can login and work with your data online.

    • Sales
    • Purchase
    • Inventory
    • Payments
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    Use "MIS ERP" run Your Entire Business with confidence
    Ultimate solution for your growing company

    • Purchase and Trade Payable

      Start Procument handling Process from Purchase requisition to Supplier payments.

    • Trade Stock Management

      Handling re-order Levels Multi locations

    • Post Dated Cheques Handling

      Can handle issued & received PD cheques through system.

    • Handle taxes conveniently

      Fully Compatible with Local Taxes VAT, NBT & SVAT etc.

    • Sales and Trade Receivable

      Receive Job Orders from Your Clients and handle them till the Final receipt.

    • General Ledger and Banking

      Handling Petty cash, Bank transaction

    • Approvals

      PR, PO, GRN, Bill, Proforma Invoice, Sales Return, Write Cheques Approvals .

    • Permissions

      Each and every forms and report able to assign one by one add, edit, delete, view permission each and every users.

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